A Photo Walk in Taksim Antique Bazaar

What I love about living in my neighborhood is its strategic location. Harbiye, the neighborhood where I lived in Istanbul, is located in the European side, where the old and new buildings, old and new tradition, are melting. Living in the city center, high rise buildings are just some steps away. At the same time, if I walked a little bit, I would meet the neighborhood where old traditions still apply. Sometimes, it felt strange to see the street vendor sold his vegetables by using his horse and cart to move around, where high modern apartment buildings are next to him.

The other thing, Harbiye is only couple of steps from Taksim square, the most famous square in Istanbul. Everybody who traveled to this magic city, they would not miss the super busy Istiklal street, and the Taksim square is a point where the street begins.

There are a lot of important events in this square, including the military coup in 2016 (I will not talk more about politic in this blog), and many demonstrations took place here. Oh, it is not a scary place. Apart from demonstration things (it did not happen everyday, and normally polices were always there), the square hosted many cultural events in particular days. It could be photos exhibition, concerts, and even antique bazaar.

In one evening, after completing my registration at university for the second semester, I chose to stop in Taksim, just to have a longer walk. I was not surprise when I saw the crowd in the square, but curious about what I was about to find. When I came closer, the square was just opened for the antique bazaar. There were vintage and collectible items that I could find here, such as sticks, furnitures, copperware, jewelry sets, candlesticks, mirrors, and many more. But, bear in mind, these antiques are not actual antiques like a Roman statue or something like that. Turkish’s law against any action to take the antiques out of the country. So, do not even think about it.

Antique Bazar in Taksim Square
Antique Bazar in Taksim Square
Antique Bazar in Taksim Square
Antique Baby Cart
Antique copper bowl
Antique Gramophone
Another Gramophone
Antique Box
Antique ceramic vases
Antique lamps
I have no idea what it is. Anyone?
Another antique machine

This post is my contribution for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, with the theme of “A Photo Walk”



  1. A very fun post Nurul! Most of us these days are moving away from things like these and going for “de-cluttering” our homes. It will be interesting to see if the interior design “style” goes back to antiques and more intricately designed items over time. Enjoyed your walk very much! Quite different from the others and a fun peek into life in Istanbul

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  2. I believe that wooden tub is an old “washing machine” and in the photo after that is a wringer, a machine used to squeeze out access water from the clothes just washed.
    Love the photos and antiques!

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  3. I many like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. Happy New Year 😊 A soon.

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