Postcards From Turkey: Candid

According to Wikipedia, a candid photograph is a photograph capture without creating a posed appearance. When a photographer takes a shoot, it does not related to the subject’s knowledge that the photographs are being taken. It also does not relate to the subject’s permission for further usage and distribution. The important factor is the actual absence of posing.

Even though candid photography is legal in most countries,  as long as the subject was seen from the public space, I was always shy to straightly shoot people on the face. Therefore, most of my photographs just show people from their backs, or their other sides, and avoid full  face, where I was not so worried to take the images without their consent.

This week, Anne- Christine challenges us to show our works on candid photographs. And the images below represent my works.

A photographer has some rest at Blue Mosque, Istanbul.
I caught this lady while she was busy with her mobile phone at Grand Mosque in Mardin.
I unintentionally shot this image, and found the lady reading something at Yedigöller National Park.
I definitely had no idea what’s in this boy’s mind when he decided to sit inside this tinny basket. Photo was taken in Istanbul.
A girl taking picture, at Sultanahmet square, Istanbul.
A lady feeding the birds at Sultanahmet Square. I did not mean to shoot her alone. But, when I saw it on the computer, by cropping some parts, it showed a good composition.
A girl, busy with her drawings, still at Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul.






  1. Well done, Nurul! I agree with your thinking too, and most of my candid ones are from the side or back. Otherwise I ask first. Love your choices and smiled at the boy sitting in a tin(?)

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