A Postcard From Turkey: Street Vendors in Edirne

The photo was taken at one street in Edirne – Turkey, showing the street vendors and their goods.


  1. Beautiful post. Nurul, I heard about yesterday’s earthquake in Istanbul, are you alright? I hope nothing happened to you and I pray that the earth settles down and calmness returns. Inshallah

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    • Thank you, Francisco. I apparently completed my study in Istanbul and in Indonesia, my home country at the moment. So I am safe. The quake was quite big and made people shocked. I checked everyone I knew, and they’re fine. I also hope the earth will settle soon since I am thinking to return. Thank you anyway for checking on me. I hope you have wonderful day there..

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      • That is good news indeed. I am very glad that you are happy and safe in your home. Thank you and you too have a lovely weekend!

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