Postcards From Turkey: Pets of Istanbul

I am not a pet person. But living in Istanbul, I am amazed with many stray cats and dogs around. They are not street animals only. People treat them nicely as they are their pets. Of course, it is not always the case. Some people could treat them bad too. It happens anywhere, right? Back to the stray animals, the municipality of Istanbul even take care of them. For dog, as example they gave chip put on the dog’s ear containing every information for each dog. While on the street, many people put some bowls of food and water altogether. A simple thing called a humanity. Kindly enjoy some photos of dog and cat I took during my life in Turkey.

The cat of Istanbul, “I don;t want to see you”
The cat of Istanbul, “I am closing my eyes now”
The cat of Istanbul, “I totally won’t see you”
The dog of Istanbul. ‘Being Lazy’
The dog of Istanbul. He has sunbathing
Actually this cat doesn’t come from Istanbul. She comes from Van, another city in Eastern Turkey. What makes her special is her different eyes color. I had a chance to snap them while visiting Van last year. Apparently this kind of cat is no longer many available. Therefore, an organization created a shelter to protect them since the number is decreasing.
Here the other one. The cat of Van

This post is my contribution for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.



  1. I have heard of Istanbul being the city of cats and how well treated they are. Good to see your portraits of some of them! I had never heard of the cat of two coloured eyes – interesting. So some people organized a shelter for this breed especially?

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  2. I love this response. The cat in Van white wishbone blue and one yellow eye is really interesting. I have just noticed that WP had dropped you from my follows. I have had this happen with several blogs I follow. So I have now re-followed you and I am reporting this to WP.

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    • Thank you, Anne. I thought the Van’s cats came from different ancestors (just a thought without scientific research). About the WordPress, I am sure that you did not loose me. This blog is apparently my new blog, focused on my life in Turkey. I am expecting more audiences from Indonesia, therefore I use my mother tongue in almost all stories, but still use English for the posts in photography. I am using the same username, therefore my gravatar pic shows the same. My old site ( is still there. But at the moment, I am not so active to update that blog. But It’s not closed. I will write there again very soon. Thank you for being one of my most loyal followers. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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